Winning Ground - Fotbollsfestival Linköping

An annual football tournament in Linköping for girls 10-12 years old with focus on the experiences and achievements, and all teams play an arena match at Linköping Arena with all the attributes of a final. Winning Ground football festival stems from the motto Winning Ground of UEFA Women's Euro 2013 - that women's and girl's football should be winning grounds before, during and after the championship. The idea is still alive as a football festival since 2014.

New Winning Ground organization

The Östergötland Football Association has been Winning Ground projekt manager during the first threee years as part of the Girls Football projekt in Östergötland 2014-2016. From the start of the planning ahead of Winning Ground 2017, this has been changed with a new organization in place. Linköping FC will be project management responsible and runs […]